1. How do I tell if my LB7 injectors are out?
  2. Is my 6.0 Bulletproofed?
  3. Do I need headstuds?
  4. 6.0 powerstroke hot no start?
  5. Do I need a lift pump?

Q: How do I tell if my LB7 injectors are out?

The first telltale sign is the white smoke out of the exhaust, but the best way is to look at your balance rates and see if they are in spec. The spec varies depending on the scanner but normally you don't want to see more then + or - 4

Q: Is my 6.0 Bulletproofed?

You here the term bulletproof thrown around a lot a true bulletproof is not just headstuds and a egr delete it is also upgrading the FICM, oil cooler relocation, and some other small things to learn more email or call us we are a direct dealer for Bulletproof diesel

Q: Do I need headstuds?

This is a frequently asked question the short answer is are you going to be pushing more boost than normal, then we would recommend headstuds, it's a good and easy supporting mod

Q: 6.0 powerstroke hot no start?

This problem will start when your truck will start when its cold but once its at operating temp it wont start, what causes this a seal that is ripped or torn that is letting oil past somewhere on the high pressure oil side of the engine

Q: Do I need a lift pump?

Any time you are doing modifications to your truck we would recommend it it's a great supporting mod and not to mention you don't want your fuel system running out of fuel