General Services

Here at Moonlite Diesel we have an array of different services to aid to your automotive needs. Below is a list of our most popular services.

Do not hesitate to call us at +1 (920)-980-5703 If you are in need of a specific service that is not listed and we will be sure to help!

LB7 Injectors

  • We use genuine Bosh Injectors
  • All seals are replaced
  • Valve Clearance is checked and adjusted
  • High pressure fuel lines are replaced

Dodge Transmission Rebuilds

  • All seals are replaced
  • Coolers are either replaced or flushed
  • We use all Suncoast parts or Goerend Transmission kits
  • Triple disc converters installed
  • Upgrades are made to specific clutch pack in order to fit more clutches
  • Shift kits are added to the valve body
  • Warn or broken parts are replaced

6.0 Gasket & Bulletproofing

  • We are a Bulletproof Diesel dealer
  • ARP Headstuds are used
  • New Ford head gaskets
  • EGR, Oil Cooler and High Pressure oil pumps are inspected
  • Dummy plugs and oil stand pipes are replaced
  • Specific upgrades are made for Ford Powerstroke

Allison 1000 Rebuilds

  • All necessary upgrades are made to clutch packs
  • Goerend transmission PTO covers added to the old C3
  • Suncoast and Goerend transmission rebuild kits are used
  • Shift kit added to the valve body
  • Triple disc converters installed
  • All transmission parts are inspected
  • Worn or broken parts are replaced

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